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Fall 2009

This is the least creative blog title ever!
The way MSN Spaces now works is a great frustration to me, specifically the integration of my hotmail, messenger and spaces stuff.  My blog life was just that, a blog life. I enjoyed it a great deal. Met so many great people. BUT…my messenger and hotmail accounts are largely for communicating with the "real life" people. While some blog friends have become real life friends, this melding of everything just drives me nuts.
The name thing…I was always Aunt Tea over here. Now I must choose, Aunt Tea for hotmail too, or real name for blog. Madning.
And now to Fall for those lovely people that have dropped by now and then…you know who you sweet people are….
I enjoyed the summer and held on to it for dear life almost all the way through October, Though I did have to embrace Fall in October with my camera!  Hanging on to summer makes for a holiday season that sneaks up on you! So now I am clinging to FALL and working my way to Christmas.
I shall try to refine my internet/blogging presence in various places. Clean it up a bit, update, link things together. I’ll be back.
Thanks for coming by today!
Feel free to tell me how you are getting along these days, and where you might have moved to on the ‘net.
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Spring Cleaning

Are you a spring cleaner? Spring cleaning is more of a hurry-up-and-finish-winter, cleaning for me. I try to do practical things during the gray days of winter so that I can more afford to cut back and get outdooors when the weather is nice. I’m at the hurry-up stage of this now. The weather is a mix of cold and gray, and sunny and glorious. I am trying to get as much done on the cold days as I can…looking forward to days outside.
Look out drawers and closets…I’m almost out of time.
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Spring’s Hope

March has had plenty of rain. Chilly rain, but here and there a few mostly sunny, warmish days too. The sun is completely theraputic for me. I have been out to do a little yardwork, take a couple of walks and hunted plum blossoms and blossoming weeds with my camera. This month it feels as though life is not all gray. Everyday life that is. The routine life…because always bright is my faith in my Creator, and my gratitude for my family. The skies…G-R-A-Y, and after awhile I think the color of my blood even starts to run…gray.
Ahhhhh, but I feel the motivating springiness rising up. Yep, even a {spring} in my step.
Is it spring in your neighborhood yet? Are you out enjoying it?
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Spaces changes again…

I couldn’t have been gone that long. Live spaces changes again and I find my name listed in my profile. It wasn’t there before and I should have had to select something before it displayed. I of course am trying to figure other things out. I don’t care for the contacts from spaces meshing by defalut with my hotmail and messenger. I have so many many names in my contact list. My instant messenging is something I only do with a couple of friends and family. I really don’t want all of my blog contacts in my email contacts list and instant messenger list.
Surely there are editable options for toning this all down, but I find it a bit ditsurbing. And a BIG PAIN.
I have another differently styled blog on blogger, but I have been hesitant to leave spaces alltogether as I have blog friends here in spaces, and there are still things about spaces format that i rally appreciate, especially the photo albums. But we’ll see.
Tips anyone?
How are y’all doing with spaces? Do you still like it here? Do you still like hanging out in blogland? This is me…pondering, pondering.
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A Year Ends

As much as I enjoy the warmth of the Christmas season, I’m ready to say good bye to it. Just a bit of weariness. The day after Christmas a cold set in and I have been obsessed with sleep! And…my washing machine is dead in the water again. It’s possible that the days of reliable Sears appliances, and worthwhile protection plans, are a thing of the past.  Last year our whole machine was rebuilt part by part, appointment by appointment. It took from September 22 to November 9th. They considered that one repair call, so not eligible for replacement. Every part, not kidding, except for the shell was replaced. Now it’s dead again. So starting Tuesday we see what happens. So not happy about this lemon of a machine and the coming trips to the laundromat.
So in the midst of laundry troubles and post holiday sleeping, I am slowly doing the traditional, look back, to get my looking forward perspective for a new year.
How was your holiday season this year?
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How do you crack an egg?


How do you crack your {raw} eggs?

Do you tap-tap-tap intil it cracks?

Or do you give it one firm, perfect tap?

{I might have an opinion on egg cracking.}

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